I-LYA Purpose & Accomplishments


I-LYA's basic purpose is the protection and promotion of the interests of boat owners and watersports fans in the enjoyment of their sport.

 At the top level, I-LYA works hand-in-hand with US SAILING and class racing associations in developing fair and workable rules.

I-LYA is the US SAILING Regional Sailing Authority and Appeals Body for race protests in its area.

I-LYA officers and committeemen are available to help its member clubs with boating related problems.


 I-LYA has a permanent yachting display at the Museum of the Great Lakes Historical Society in Vermilion, Ohio and the Museum of the Lake Erie Islands Historical Society at Put-in Bay.

I-LYA is a watchdog for proposed legislation that may affect yachting and yachtsmen.

I-LYA serves as a clearinghouse for yachting information.

I-LYA is the leader in junior sailing in the midwest.  The annual Junior Regatta is the largest ladder event in the US SAILING Junior Championships and serves as a model for others all over the United States.  The winners of "Junior Bay" advance to the National Semi-Finals and receive scholarships from the Inter-Lake Yachtsmans Fund.

I-LYA is a leader in developing future powerboaters with its Powerboat Junior Leadership Training and navigational contests.  The winners of this event are also awarded scholarships from the Inter-Lake Yachtsmans Fund.

I-LYA's foundation, The Inter-Lake Yachtsmans Fund was established to support training, education , and junior activities.  The Yachtsmans Fund is a qualified 501(c)3 corporation and all donations are tax-deductible.

Membership in I-LYA insures recognition among other clubs.

Every member of an I-LYA club is automatically a member of I-LYA.

Member clubs are represented by delegates to I-LYA and meet twice annually.  Spring and fall meetings are held in the vicinity of the current Commodore.  Delegates elect the Flag Officers and Trustees at the Fall Meeting.

I-LYA appoints three delegates to US SAILING, five delegates to the Yacht Racing Union of the Great Lakes, two delegates to the Boating Association of Ohio, and one delegate each to the Western Lake Erie Cruising Association and the National Club Association.

I-LYA's Annual Regatta is held at Put-in-Bay, on South Bass Island, in western Lake Erie - the site of the historic Battle of Lake Erie in the War of 1812.  It draws as many as 300 sailboats and 150 powerboats annually.  The Junior Regatta draws over 175 youth sailors each year.

I-LYA's membership includes clubs from both the United States and Canada, making for strong international competition.

I-LYA business is conducted through the office of the Executive Secretary.

I-LYA seeks corporate sponsorship to improve the services provided to its members and to control costs.




Cindy Johnson-Mintus

Port Clinton Yacht Club

Vice Commodore
Steve Hyder

Detroit Beach Boat Club

Rear Commodore
Bob Lang

West River Yacht & Cruising Club

Supporting & Host Club Sponsor

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