1978 marked the beginning of a tradition that has been adopted by each administration since. Commodore Norm Winkel determined that recognition should be given to the many volunteers who freely donate their time, vacations, talents, expertise, and even boats and equipment to assure the continued success of yacht racing competition and the I-LYA organization. These special people have earned the honor of being “Yachtsman of the Year.”

1978 William George Schwer, SYC
1979 Andrew M. Kennedy, Jr., MHYC
1980 Ernest B. Hammer, CYC
1981 Harlo McNally, PIBYC
1982 Helen Davis, CCYC
1983 Commodore Al Mastics, CYC
1984 Art Kreger, CCYC
1985 Commodore Art O'Hara, VBC
1986 John Borman, PIBYC
  Commodore Norm Winkel, SSC
1987 Joe Chase, WCYC
1988 Commodore John & Marilyn Bureau, PBC
1989 Stephen Strong, CYC
1990 David Walborn, JRSC
1991 Commodore Alfred Gebhardt, LCYC
1992 Commodore Don & Mary Emery, EWYC
1993 Commodore Fred & Nancy Weiss, WWYC
1994 Jim Crain, PIBYC
1995 Paul Pfeiffer, SYC
1996 Don Bartels, LYC
  Jim Mills, SYC
1997 John Dent, RVYC
1998 Richard "Moose" Avery, SBC
1999 Commodore Frank Olech, BPYC
2000 Commodore Harold Christenson, SSC
2001 Commodore Dave Shaffer, NCYC
2002 Don Bartels, VBC
2003 Edwin & Abigail Skoch, PIBYC
2004 Commodore Al & Marcia Ashley, DBBC
2005 John Thompson, TYC
2006 Commodore William A. Heider, Sr. & Lady Jan, CPYC
  Bryan Huntley, SYC
  Gail McKee, SSCC
2007 Ronald Spies, GIYC
2008 Kris Miller, PIBYC
2009 Commodore Henry Webber & Lady Peggy, VBC
  Commodore Clay Mock, EWYC
  Commodore Byron Kosino, RVYC
  Donna Payne, FYC
2010 Commodore Doug Hogan & Lady Pearl, SBC
2011 Bob Sheppard, ACSA/LYC/SSC
2012 Commodore John Onacila, BCBC
2013 Howard Pinkley, ORYC
2014 Tom Thanasiu, JRSC
2015 Ron & Kaye Soka, TYC/MBIYC/JRSC
2016 Bob Lang, WRYCC
2017 Commodore Steve Harris, BLYC
2018 Kay Drake, PIBYC


† = deceased 

Cindy Johnson-Mintus

Port Clinton Yacht Club

Vice Commodore
Steve Hyder

Detroit Beach Boat Club

Rear Commodore
Bob Lang

West River Yacht & Cruising Club

Supporting & Host Club Sponsor

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