2019 Junior Powerboat

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August 7-11





Cap’t Bob here; AWESOME!  The new Junior regatta format resulted in a total of 28 participants, with 15 taking part in the boating contests.  I think this format; stand alone regatta, is the way to go with future Junior Regattas.  This year we brought (2) additional On-The-Water contests and a junior specific weather contest to the regatta.  This was also, the first year for award ribbons to be given for each contest in recognition of a job well done.  I think the ribbons went over great and I saw a lot of happy faces during the award ceremony.  In addition to the scholarship award, we initiated a “Junior Skipper” award and presented first, second and third place ribbon awards.  The first place winner received a beautiful plaque that will be presented at the fall meeting.  The “Skipper Award” is presented to the junior having the highest overall score in all of the On-The-Water and weather contests.   

The weather was not real cooperative on Wednesday and we were forced to cancel the volleyball game.  Putt-Putt was delayed but we did manage to gather all the juniors at Perry’s Cave for a good turnout.  The fishing derby always brings out a crowd, kids, juniors and parents alike.  Everyone had a great time despite the high winds and low fish counts.  Cardboard boats on Friday was a hoot, we had 5 boat and everyone went away with an award.  Commodore Miller’s grandson was the winner of the “Titantic Award” for the best sinking.  A good time was had by all.


Friday started our serious contests and we had a pretty good turn out with 15 attending the “Safe boating and charting seminar”.  We always try to finish around noon so we can get started with our cardboard boat building activities.  Saturday morning everyone gather at the state park for the boating and dry land navigation contests.  The weather that morning was a little windy and that added to the degree of difficulty for the competition.  We also, had some inflatable problems that caused delays in finishing the contests.  Everyone was patient and we completed all the contests just before noon. 


AWARDS:   Some of our juniors didn’t make it to the awards ceremony, we missed you.  Please contact me and I’ll try and get any awards mailed to you.  Anyways; those who did attend were given their well deserved awards and the group photo was awesome.  Scholarships were given to Jacob Koteles EMBC 3rd place, Joshua Kneisel BVYC 2nd place and Jeff Miller PIBYC 1st place and grandson of Commodore Miller.  Jeff also was the first place winner of the “Skipper Award”, congratulations for a job well done.


Thanks for being a part of the Junior regatta, look forward to seeing you next year.



Cap’t Bob, Junior Powerboat Chairman

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Cindy Johnson-Mintus

Port Clinton Yacht Club

Vice Commodore
Steve Hyder

Detroit Beach Boat Club

Rear Commodore
Bob Lang

West River Yacht & Cruising Club

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