Captain Bob here; our annual I-LYA Spring meeting brought about some big changes for Junior Power.  Exciting changes, we now offer a (4) day Junior Regatta that runs concurrent with the Senior Powerboat Regatta.  Make sure you check out the schedule of events.  We have new On-The-Water contests along with a junior volleyball event and new awards.


I think the Junior Skipper Award and Trophy will be a big hit.  Check out the competitions page for complete details.  New Award ribbons are given to all 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners of the On-The-Water and navigation contests.


Be sure to register this years Junior Regatta is going be awesome.


Clubs interested in putting on a “Safe Boating” class for Juniors at their facility, please contact Captain Bob Lang for more information bob@encoeng.com or call 313-938-8414 (cell).  We’ve had some preliminary discussions with FYC regarding a Junior Class for 2013.  Other Clubs or members with Juniors should contact me, we’ll get you into the FYC program. 


Please help expand this program, talk to your club members and lets get our JUNIORS involved, it’s a great program, lots of fun, with the opportunity to meet new friends and learn about boat handling and safety.  Our Juniors are the future----------GET INVOLVED.


Captain Bob and the Junior Powerboat committee are looking forward to a great turnout in 2013.  


Captain Bob







Cindy Johnson-Mintus

Port Clinton Yacht Club

Vice Commodore
Steve Hyder

Detroit Beach Boat Club

Rear Commodore
Bob Lang

West River Yacht & Cruising Club

Supporting & Host Club Sponsor

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