High School Sailing  

High school sailing is one of the fastest growing sports in the US. We can do more to promote high school sailing in and near Ohio and SE Michigan and keep kids involved in the sport.
As the best sailors know, no amount of coaching regardless of the level can substitute for TILLER TIME. Sailors in other areas of the country are sailing 2 to 3 times more than we do through high school sailing programs.....and making lots of new friends and having fun in the process.  I-LYA junior sailors typically sail 8 or 10 weeks, from June through Junior Bay Week or a week or two beyond.  High school sailing seasons are March to June, and/or late August to early November. 
High school race teams do both fleet racing and team racing and provide valuable experience and training for aspiring collegiate sailors. Just as the Traveler Series provides summer opportunities within a reasonable drive, a separate league of MISSA can be developed for the Cleveland, Erie, Columbus, and Toledo area schools. 
One sailor and registration with Midwest InterScholastic Sailing Association (MISSA) is all that is necessary for an official team. For further information about MISSA go to http://missa.hssailing.org/. Also, feel free to contact former president Matt Dubois at msdubois@sbcglobal.net
MISSA needs proof that there is interest in our area before we can schedule a regatta so please sign up now.  A team can be as small as one sailor and one parent and, in the beginning years, can also include middle school kids.
Click Here for ISSA How to Start a HS Sailing Team power point.
Click Here for How to Start a HS Sailing Team, a news article written by Matt Dubois for the ISSA Newsletter.
Click Here to read the May 8, 2012 emails sent to I-LYA Junior Program Reps by Hank Reffner and Matt Dubois in support of high school sailing. Attachments referred to in the emails are the two posted above.
2014 Schedule is available at http://missa.hssailing.org/ 




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