July 16-20

Put-in-Bay, Ohio

2017 Chair - Com. Steve Harris
ilya.juniorchamps2017 (at) gmail (dot) com


Volunteer Interest Sign-UP Now Posted!

It takes a literal Army of Volunteers to make this event a success!  We are encouraging each Club to step up and get involved this year.  

Join in the FUN and help make the 2017 Junior Championships GREAT!


to let us know how you can help 



2017 Regatta Documents & Information


to download the complete NOR with Code of Conduct


Sailing Instructions will be available at registration


to download




2017 Registration
Before Starting... please read the General Information Sheet HERE

For Each Sailor: 

Submit to your team coordinator the following: 

I-LYA Medical Form (Signed-one per competitor. Typed and printed preferred.) 
Sign copy of the Competitor's Code of Conduct (last page of NOR)

Submit online: 

Sailor Registration Form: (one per competitor) To be filled out with your parent/guardian

Noticeofrace.net Registration: Skippers, please register for 2017 I-LYA Junior Championships

Boat Inspection: all sailors need a lifejacket with whistle attached and need to be able to tie a bowline quickly. 
                    Thistle bowlines: minimum of 3/8" X 35'
                    420 bowlines: Minimum of 3/8" X 30' 
                    Radial bowlines: Minimum of 1/4" X 30'

Boat Inspection Sheets:
                    Thistle Inspection Sheet
                    420 Inspection Sheet
                    Radial Inspection Sheet


For Each Team:
Gather and Submit by Mail:
 1. Separate damage deposit check for $500 (Payable to I-LYA 2017)
 2. Entry fee of $335 per competitor payable to I-LYA 2017 (Late fee of $50 after 7/3/17).
 3. Letter, signed by a flag officer, listing your coaches and team, by fleet, stating that all are affiliated with your club.  
 4. I-LYA Medical Form and a signed copy of I-LYA Junior Bay Week Competitor Code of Conduct for each competitor

Submit Online:

Club Liaison Registration & Team Information
Safety, Coach, Spectator Boat Registration (to be filled out for each safety, coach, and spectator boat.)

Have each coach complete a Coach Registration Form (below) - To be completed by the coach.
Coach Registration Form (one per coach.)
Coach Guidelines
Coach Boat Form (one per boat)

2017 Junior Bay Week Online Forms

         Powerboats: Safety, Coach, Spectator Boat Registration

         Volunteer: Launch and Recovery Team Sign-Up
      Awards Banquet--Dinner Ticket Order Form
2017 Regatta Documents
Notice of Race 

I-LYA NCS Policy          

Sailing Instructions (available at registration)
Event Schedule
Firewatch Schedule

General Information Sheet (good place to start)
2017 Rules & Regulations

Hotel Rules
Notice to Parents

Firewatch Guidelines

Concussion Information Sheet

Coach Guidelines 

Safety Boat Guidelines 


Final Results
Final Results 420
Final Results Radial
Final Results Thistle




Inter-Lake Yachting Association Juniors

We're all about kids & sailing


Andy Krotseng

Edgewater Yacht Club

Vice Commodore
Mike Powers

Monroe Boat Club

Rear Commodore
Cindy Johnson-Mintus

Port Clinton Yacht Club

Supporting & Host Club Sponsor

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