I-LYA Junior Championships
"Junior Bay Week"

July 15-19

(amended 6/6/18)

Amendment #1
(posted 6/6/18; 16:00 hrs)


Junior Bay Week is 5 weeks away!

We have a great week planned. Registration will be up by June 11th. NOR is posted. Plan on participating in this great regatta!


We have outstanding PROs and volunteers to run great sailing on the water. We have some of the best coaches in the country as ILYA coaches. The ILYA coaches will be coaching the coaches and helping the entire fleet, not just the top 3. The 420 and Laser fleets will be split in half after Tuesday’s racing and scores will start over on Wednesday. There will be great gifts for all competitors at check in. On Sunday there will be folks from Harken available to discuss rigging. Look for on-shore activities every night.

There will be a competitor’s meeting at the Edgewater Travelers Regatta during the skippers meeting on June 20th

Parents, Team Liaisons, Coaches:

It is 100% official — there is no fire watch from 12-6am each night! Security will be hired for the hotel. We are pleased that parents no longer need to be at the hotel between 12-6am, but please help us remind participants that we are guests in an owner’s hotel and that Security will be helping to keep everyone and everything in order. Clubs have been assigned days of responsibility for firewatch and the parents are still responsible for shifts that will cover 3:30pm-12 midnight and 6am - 7:30am each day. Check the schedule for Sunday. We are starting check in and inspection a few hours later so you don’t need to be on the first ferry to the island. You can get to PIBYC at 10 but check in and inspection do not start until noon.

We still need mark boats and mark boat volunteers. We need coach & judge boats and coach & judge boat drivers. I will get Team Liaison names so we can confirm that we have boats.

ALSO IMPORTANT- we need to have a “2nd in charge” for key volunteer positions. The second in charge will take over in 2019. These include housing, registration, fire watch, and other key areas and it will be  extremely beneficial to work alongside the 2018 committee chair. I will appoint some clubs to work with the 2018 committee chairs to help with this overlap.

There will be a parents & team liaison meeting at the Edgewater Travelers Regatta after the competitor meeting.

Reminder - the Crews Nest has offered their weekly membership rate to all parents and team liaisons for Junior Bay Week. It is a great place to eat and wind down and has a great pool. Their number is 419-285-3625. If you haven’t been there it is one lot away from PIBYC.

Lisa and I truly appreciate the incredible effort that many volunteers have offered to make this event happen. All of this has been on their own time with a passion that has been beyond impressive. 


2018 Regatta Documents & Registration

Documents to Review before Registering
General Information
Event Schedule (tentative)
Notice to Parents
Notice of Race w/ Competitors Code of Conduct
2018 Rules & Regulations
Depiction Release
Event Waiver

Requirements for Registration

         (Registration due 7/3/2018)

All Participants:

Submit Online:
Participant Registration Form
(to be completed with parent if participant <18yo)
Submit to Team Liaison:
Signed Competitor's Code of Conduct
(last page of Notice of Race)
2018 I-LYA Medical Form
Registration Fees

Submit Online:
Registration on Notice of Race website
(link will be added soon .... stay tuned)
Team Liaisons:

Submit Online:
Team Liaison Form
(please complete ASAP - can be updated after submission)
 Support Boat Registration
(one per coach/safety/spectator boat)
Gather and Submit by Mail to:
I-LYA Junior Championships 2018
c/o Karen Prenger
8199 Davington Drive
Dublin, Ohio  40317

(Make all Checks payable to I-LYA 2018)
Damage & Fines Deposit Check
Letter Listing Coaches and Competitors
Payment for Coach Food Packages
Entry Fee for each Competitor
Signed Medical Consent Form for each sailor
Signed Competitor Code of Conduct for each sailor
Complete Online Coach Registration form before arriving at Junior Bay Week and after reviewing the following documents:
Additional Forms:


Final Results

Final Results
Final Results 420
Final Results Radial
Final Results Thistle




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