2010 Results


Commodores Trophy

1st Gary Coles Elba Mar Boat Club 7.80
2nd Bill Stewart St. Clair Yacht Club 6.95



Predicted Log Contest


Greely Contest

1st Gary Coles Elba Mar Boat Club 2.976 %error
2nd Bill Stewart St. Clair Yacht Club 4.768 %error

I-LYA Contest

1st Bill Stewart St. Clair Yacht Club 2.876 %error
2nd Gary Coles Elba Mar Boat Club 3.222 %error


Flying Mile

  Name Boat Class Club 2010 Speed
1st Charlie Mlynarski Dream Catcher 4A WRY&CC 35
2nd Pat McIlwee Wee Would 4A SSCC 17
1st Richard McKee, Jr. Dream Chaser 5B SSCC 32
2nd Perry Mahaney Wanderlust 5B EMBC 28
1st Karl Schiesser Daralyn 6A EMBC 47
2nd Michael Glatzer Magascape 6A SSCC 32
1st Richard Grew Happy Together III 6B WRY&CC 43
2nd Gary Coles Sophisticated Lady 6B EMBC 34
3rd James Allen Slim Jim 6B WRY&CC 28
1st Ron Trent Still Vertical 7B WRY&CC 39
2nd Kim Calhoun C'z the Day 7B EMBC 36
2nd Charles Earles, Jr. Miss R Money 7B EMBC 36
2nd Herb Engling Nan SeaLee 7B WRY&CC 36
1st Rick Knox Hard Knox 7C WRY&CC 32



 Docking Competition

  Name Boat Class Club Time
1st Chuck Mlynarski Dream Catcher Single I/O WRY&CC 0.07542
NO PARTICIPANTS  Single Inboard    
1st Richard Grew Happy Together III Twin I/O WRY&CC 2:05:08
2nd Carl Scheisser Daralyn Twin I/O EMBC 2:27:17
3rd Jeff Franke On The Rocks Twin I/O HVYC 2:11:08
1st Rick Knox Hard Knox Twin Inboard over 39' WRY&CC 0.07093
1st Perry Mahaney Wanderlust Twin Inboard under 39' EMBC 1:37:33
2nd Jim Allen Slim Jim Twin Inboard under 39' WRY&CC 1:52:21
3rd TJ Cousino Thunder Jugs II Twin Inboard under 39' HVYC 2:09:59
NO PARTICIPANTS Twin Outboard    



  Name Boat Club Class Time
1st Chris Hoover Class A Design SSCC Twin Inboard Over 32' 4:06
2nd Perry Mahaney Wanderlust EMBC Twin Inboard Over 32' 4:20
3rd Rick Knox Hard Knox WRY&CC Twin Inboard Over 32' 4:33
NO PARTICIPANTS   Twin Inboard 32' and Under  
NO PARTICIPANTS   Single Inboard  
1st Charlie Mlynarki Dream Catcher WRY&CC Single I/O Under 32' 4:20
1st Rick Grew Happy Together III WRY&CC Twin I/O Over 32' 5:30
NO PARTICIPANTS   Twin I/O 32' and Under  
NO PARTICIPANTS   Twin Outboards  


 Compass Navigation

1st Gary Cole Sophisticated Lady EMBC 54 sec
2nd Pat McIlwee Wee Would SSCC 193 sec


Inflatable Raft Race - Men

    Club Class
1st Pat McIlwee SSCC 3.9 & under
1st Charlie Mlynarski WRY&CC 4.0-6.0
2nd Gregg Phillips WRY&CC 4.0-6.0
1st Bob Lang, Jr. WRY&CC 6.1-10.0
2nd Perry Mahaney EMBC 6.1-10.0
3rd Jim Allen WRY&CC 6.1-10.0
1st Jon Allen WRY&CC 10.0-20.0
2nd Rick Knox WRY&CC 10.0-20.0
3rd Bill Houttekier RVYC 10.0-20.0


Inflatable Raft Race - Women

    Club Class
1st Dawn Shoemaker WRY&CC 4.0-6.0
2nd Barb McCann SSCC 4.0-6.0
1st Dawn Shoemaker WRY&CC 6.0-10.0


Golf Outing

1st Laura Allen WRY&CC
  Jon Allen WRY&CC
  Gregg Phillips WRY&CC
  Karen Vescio WRY&CC
2nd Pat McIlwee SSCC
  Chris Hoover SSCC
  Dave Ruta EMBC
  Doug Hogan SBC
2nd Lynn Ryder WRY&CC
  Tom Blankovich WRY&CC
  Jim Allen WRY&CC
  Doug Mickels WRY&CC
3rd Perry Mahaney EMBC
  Kathy Mahaney EMBC
  Rick Knox WRY&CC
  Ryan Knox WRY&CC


 Fishing Derby

Place/Ages Size, Type & # Name


Age 1-8      
1st (Largest) 9" Adalyn Cousino HVYC
2nd (Most) 11 Kevin Glatzer SSCC
3rd (2nd Most) 10 Sam Berry SSCC
 Age 9-10      
1st (Largest) 9.5" Ben Berry SSCC
2nd (Most) 14 Tiffany McKee SSCC
3rd (2nd Most) 10 Margaret McIlwee SSCC
Age 11-12      
1st (Largest) 8.5" Mickey Wiseman HVYC
2nd (Most) 5 Myranda Ryder WRY&CC
3rd (2nd Most) 3 Josh Kneisel BVYC
Age 13      
1st (Largest) 14" Taylor Seth BVYC
2nd (Most) 7 Austin Patrick SSCC
3rd (2nd Most) 1 Bryce Patrick SSCC
Age 14-15      
1st (Largest) 8.5" Danielle Vanick SSCC
2nd (Most) 13 Liz McIlwee SSCC
3rd (2nd Most)   Emily Glatzer SSCC




1st JoAnn Valiant RVYC
2nd Jim Lachcik MBC
3rd Steve Hyder DBBC
  Jim Klorer CCYC
Most Holes in One Steve Hyder DBBC
Rock Award Sue Proctor RVYC



1st Bart Berry SSCC
  Jim McKee SSCC
2nd Pat McIlwee SSCC
3rd Jeff Franke HVYC
  Tammie Rankin FYC
Most Holes in One Tammie Rankin FYC
Rock Award Nancy Chizmar SSCC
Bottom Score Joyce Nagy  


Cardboard Boat Races


Teen Guppy

1st Leather Belts EMBC Robert Ruta
      Carl Marvsak
2nd Cheeseburgers in Paradise WRY&CC Jakob Shoemaker
      Ryanne Shoemaker
Titanic The Box WRY&CC Ryan Knox


Adult Guppy

1st Wanderlust II EMBC Perry Mahaney
Spirit Award Hawaiian Luau WRY&CC Becca Knox


Adult Dolphin

1st Bilge Rats WRY&CC Bob Lang, Jr.
      Ashley Conway
      Nathan Shoemaker
2nd Ultra Lite WRY&CC Jim Allen
      Jon Allen
      Ryan Knox


Junior Navigation Contest

  Name Club Scholarship
1st Jakob Shoemaker WRY&CC $400
2nd Michael Rankin FYC $200
3rd Joshua Kneisel BVYC $100


Golf Cart Decorating Contest

1st Place West River Yacht & Cruising Club


Club Participation Award

1st West River Yacht & Cruising Club 77
2nd South Shore Cruising Club 43
3rd Elba Mar Boat Club 37


Club Volunteerism Award

1st South Shore Cruising Club 258
2nd West River Yacht & Cruising Club 181
3rd All Ports Yacht Club 160


Weather Forecasting

1st Bill Stewart St. Clair Yacht Club
2nd Judy Stewart St. Clair Yacht Club
3rd Colleen Rankin Ford Yacht Club


Mike Powers

Monroe Boat Club

Vice Commodore
Cindy Johnson-Mintus

Port Clinton Yacht Club

Rear Commodore
Steve Hyder

Detroit Beach Boat Club

Supporting & Host Club Sponsor

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